Maryland Avian Encounters



Get a group together and come experience the art of falconry! Bring the whole family for one flat rate!

Learn about the art of falconry, watch impressive aerial displays, look into the eyes of a bird of prey! You will be exposed to the equipment, training techniques, natural history, conservation, and the care and management of raptors. Then you can meet some of our avian ambassadors! This is an education and observation- type experience only. This program is less hands-on than our other experiences, but no less exciting!

Please note: This encounter is for groups of 4-6. 



All encounters are subject to the weather as we will be outside. But our first consideration is for the birds. If the weather looks like it will not cooperate, we will endeavor to contact you at least 12 hours before your event to reschedule or discuss options. 

Where are you located?

We are primarily located in Western Maryland, near Antietam Battlefield in Sharpsburg, but we are also willing to travel throughout most of Maryland.

Can I take photos?

Yes! (With some caveats.)

You are welcome to take photos, but we do not recommend the use of large tripods or extremely large lenses when in very close proximity to the birds.

We will also let you which birds are our divas and which shy away from the limelight.