Maryland Avian Encounters



Do you own a business and want to add a little pizzazz to your site? Does your nature center need an extra dose of wilderness? Do you just want someone to show off how cool birds of prey are? Well, luckily for you, Avian Encounters is happy to help!

Our falconers are more than excited to bring a touch of the wild side to your event, business, or location! Engaging in public education about these beautiful animals is what we're all about. A typical show includes several different birds on hands while our falconers discuss all aspects of falconry and field questions from the public. Additionally, if your venue allows it, there is the possibility of adding aerial displays as well. 

Base Rate: $400 (within Western and Central MD)
Please contact us for more information


What do I need to provide?

A space to set up, a place to educate, and a willing and interested public or group. Good weather is a nice bonus. 

Where will you set up?

Anywhere you have free space! The birds require some flapping space and need to be spaced out appropriately to avoid conflict. The falconers would prefer not to be out in the rain and the birds agree. Otherwise, anywhere that allows the greatest number of people to meet our avian ambassadors. 

Can people take photos?

Yes! (With some caveats.)

You are welcome to take photos, but we do not recommend the use of large tripods or extremely large lenses when in very close proximity to the birds.